Jewelry store in Grapevine

Nowadays, you have two options for shopping online or offline. In this modern age, online shopping has become easy rather than offline shopping.

But offline shopping is preferable. People purchase jewelry and other jewelry items from the stores. Knowing these stores can save time, money, and fuel as well. For instance, they can make appointments before the visit.

Further, they can find stores on the internet. Also, these stores avail engagement rings, diamond rings, and watches at affordable prices.

In short, these stores in Grapevine are helpful for people. Let’s talk about these stores one by one.

Jewelry store in Grapevine

A list of trusted stores and valuable stores in Grapevine.  

  • Almar Jewelers
  • Bermuda Gold and Silver
  • Gold N Carats Jewelers
  • Main Street Jewelers
  • Pieter Andries Jewelers
  • Southlake Jewelers
  • Luxor Custom Jewelers
  • Alliance Jewelers
  • James Avery

Marc Samuels


Almar Jewelers

If you are looking for a reliable store in Grapevine, always go for Almar jewelers. This brand serves its customers. After that, you can find new items easily in this store. Lastly, the pricing range is low. 

Bermuda Gold and Silver

They established it in 1983. We can infer that they have been serving for twenty-seven years. This is a family store based on love and respect. Bermuda store has good repairing services.

Gold N Carats Jewelers

This store works beautifully and has been serving for thirty years. These thirty years are years of excellence. If we talk about their services, they sell and repair jewelry. Their staff is knowledgeable. In other words, they are professional, certified, and expert.


Main Street Jewelers

It is another good store for buying jewelry with top-rated services. This jewelry store has low price ranges. On the other hand, it gives excellent quality. Furthermore, you feel comfortable to visit this store.

Pieter Andries Jewelers

This is another repairing famous jewelry store. This store fixes and engraves stones. After that, it resizes different rings uniquely. It has qualified repairers. Therefore, their name has become a brand. If you are looking forward to buying a watch, Pieter Andries store is a good option. 

Southlake Jewelers

Few people visit this store because of their friendly services. Southlake jewelers sell engagement rings, watches, diamond rings. Similarly, they also repair jewelry. Whenever you visit this place, you can get your favorite jewelry easily.

Luxor Custom Jewelers

This is an excellent station to buy unique jewelry. You can find this store easily. After that, you can select every type of jewelry in this store. Moreover, this station also serves every customer equally. 


Alliance Jewelers

This is one of the last top-rated jewelers' stores in Grapevine. Its priority is to satisfy customers.

  • Repairing jewelry
  • Polishing
  • Cleaning


James Avery

Now, you have a beautiful platform for rings and jewelry. It is a great point for buying jewelry.

Marc Samuels

Last, we have Marc Samuels for jewelry. This store is unique to sell watches, rings, and earrings.